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Warm Up & Injury Prevention

Importance of the Warm-Up

The warmup prepares the players body for the demands it will or may be subjected to during a competitive game or training session.  It allows the players an opportunity to ‘find their touch’ and focus on the reactive elements of game play which they also will be subjected to in the session.

Benefits of Warm up

  • Mental readiness
  • Physical readiness
  • Injury prevention
  • Performance enhancement

Athenry Camogie club pursue a standardised approach to warm-ups and injury prevention. The RAMP warm-up is the most scientifically proven warm-up to prepare your body for competition. The acronym ‘RAMP’ stands for:

  1. Raise (click for more …
  2. Activate (click for more …)
  3. Mobilise (click for more …)
  4. Potentiate (click for more …)


Camogie Early, Rapid and Mature Movers Programmes

Activate Injury Prevention Programme – Camogie Association