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Warm Up : Phase 2

The aim of this phase of the warm-up is two-fold:
  • Activate key muscle groups
  • Mobilise key joints and ranges of motion used in the sport or activity
During this phase of the warm-up, typical activation and mobilisation movements include:
  • Mini-band routines
  • Balance work
  • Supermans and inchworms
  • Squats and lunges
  • Sumo shuffles
  • Spinal mobility exercises (flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation)
These exercises may be used for the majority, if not all of the players competing in the same training session or activity. However, after the generic group movement exercises have been completed, stricter attention should be paid to individual preparation requirements. For instance, this may involve exercises prescribed in the player’s pre-habilitation programme such as specific joint mobilisation exercises, glute-ham exercises, mini-band routines, rotator cuff exercises, balance work and so on. Incorporating these exercises into the warm-up may result in better time utilisation, and therefore perhaps lead to a reduced injury risk and improved performance. When designing the activation and mobilisation phase, it is essential the strength and conditioning coach carefully considers the fundamental movements and demands imposed by that particular sport or activity. For example, what fundamental movements will occur during a camogie match, or during a session in the gym? This will allow the coach to be very specific with the movements/exercises selected for the warm-up and therefore have the best possible chance to effectively prepare the players for training or competition and prevent them from injury. It is encouraged that coaches develop numerous exercises that activate and mobilise the same key muscles, joints, and ranges of motion which can be used for training variability to prevent monotony and emphasise performance improvements. In addition, some exercises may irritate or be painful for some players, so having an assortment of backup exercises for the same joints and muscle groups is vital.